W E B S I T E S   W I T H   I N F O R M A T I O N   R E G A R D I N G   T E E N S   A N D  
S U B S T A N C E   A B U S E

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America – Best known for its research-based national public education programs, the Partnership motivates and equips parents to prevent their children from using drugs and alcohol and to help and find treatment for family and friends in trouble. An excellent resource for parents! http://www.drugfree.org/

The Maine Office of Substance Abuse - Provides resources for parents regarding substance abuse. The message is simple – “Find out more, Do more!” http://www.maineparents.net/

Join Together – A project of the Boston University School of Public Health, Join Together leads initiatives to help communities respond to the harms caused by excessive alcohol and drug use. Provides research on alcohol & drug prevention, policy and treatment. http://www.jointogether.org/

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking -Provides a guide for communities, educators and families along with fact sheets. http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/topics/underagedrinking/

National Institute on Drug Abuse - Provides a website to educate adolescents ages 11 through 15 (as well as their parents and teachers) on the science behind drug abuse. Teens helped build this site to ensure that the content addresses appropriate questions and timely concerns. http://teens.drugabuse.gov/index.php

Life of An Athlete – A program focusing on providing information to students regarding the negative effects alcohol consumption can have on their athletic performance and their life. Developed by the New Mexico Activities Association for high school athletes. http://www.lifeofanathlete.com/index.aspx

L O C A L   R E S O U R C E S

Communities Promoting Health Coalition – Located in Portland, Communities Promoting Health is a division of the People’s Regional Opportunity Program and is dedicated to reducing underage drinking through a comprehensive approach. CPHC has been instrumental in helping HOPE in their mission by providing resources and training. http://www.wherepeoplecomefirst.org/Programs/PROP_Community/substance_abuse.php or 553-5800

21 Reasons - Located in Portland, 21 Reasons is a coalition of community members, organizations, and businesses with a common goal: to build a healthy community environment with policies, practices, and attitudes that support the drug-free development of all youth. Sign up for the “Tip of the Month” and receive monthly reminders on simple things you can do to help prevent underage drinking. Provides lots of resources for parents. http://www.21reasons.org/headlines.php or 773-7737

Hardy Girls Healthy Women - Located in Waterville, Hardy Girls Healthy Women is dedicated to the health and well being of girls and women. The purpose of their work is to create a more equitable culture that meets the different needs of girls and boys. Provides lots of resources to help promote self-esteem in girls. Wonderful links for girls to explore. http://www.hardygirlshealthywomen.org/index.php or 861-8131

Boys to Men - Located in Portland, Boys to Men supports the healthy development of adolescent boys. Provides assistance and educational resources to boys and those who help raise them. Sign up for newsletter on how help boys in a changing world. http://www.boystomen.info/index.html or 774-9994

R E S O U R C E S   F O R   J U V E N I L E   T R E A T M E N T

Day One – Located in Portland and South Portland, Day One is Maine’s leading agency dealing with teen drug and alcohol abuse. Provides telephone consultation for parents and is confidential. Website provides information for parents on signs of abuse. http://www.day-one.org/index.html or 767-0991

Casco Bay Substance Abuse Resource Center – Located in Portland, Casco Bay Substance Abuse Resource Center provides outpatient counseling for substance abuse and addictions. http://www.cbmentalhealth.com/index.html or 773-7993

Food Addiction Chemical Dependency Consultants, LLC – With several offices including one in South Portland, this outpatient treatment center provides services for all addictions including drugs, alcohol and food. Their primary purpose is to support clients through restoring a balance of body, mind and spirit. http://www.addictiontreatmentplus.com/index.html or 774-4564

Midcoast Hospital Addiction Resource Center – Located in Brunswick and Damrascotta. Site has resources for how to help someone get started in recovery and other questions. http://www.midcoasthealth.com/addiction/default.aspx or 373-6950

Danzig Counseling Services – Located in Windham, Danzig combines treatment philosophies to ensure a holistic, comprehensive approach to therapy including traditional talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. The specific techniques are custom tailored to best fit the individual needs of each client. http://www.danzigcounseling.com/index.php or 893-0000